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HD Video and Film Transfers

Up in the attic, down in the basement, under your bed... somewhere in a dark corner of your home is a box of your family's old home movies. Some of your life's most precious moments were captured on home movie film and videotape. They are reflections of the past that you had planned to cherish forever. However those priceless memories are now slowly fading away. Heat, humidity and age cause videotape and film to deteriorate over time, turning generations of memories into dust.

At Icehouse Pictures we help you preserve those irreplaceable memories by transferring your aging home movies captured on older formats such as 8mm film, VHS and camcorder tapes into digitally remastered versions on standard DVD, HD BluRayâ„¢ or digital file for editing. Bring those long forgotten home movies back to life again. Relive those precious memories and take security in knowing that they will be preserved for future generations to come.