Film to DVD


At Icehouse Pictures we use a professional motion picture film scanner to give you the best quality 8mm Film to DVD transfer possible! A professional motion picture film scanner is a specially built machine for transferring film to digital, comprised of state of the art components made for the professional market.

Your film is captured frame-by-frame as each individual frame passes through the high-definition pick up. Unlike a camera that takes a snapshot of each frame, it scans the film one line at a time in full 24 bit color. Each individual frame is then is digitally transferred to specialized editing software that converts the individual frames into a movie. Color, density and exposure are monitored and adjusted, giving scene by scene corrections for optimum picture quality. This process produces the highest-quality transfer and captures the full dynamic range of the film image, and is not constrained by the limitations of video resolution or color space.

Our professional HD film scanner can even handle damaged or shrunken film through the use of its roller based transport system. The rollers handle the film by the edges not the sprocket holes for maximum film safety and the Solid State Registration ensures a steady picture accurate within one pixel. The scanner also features an enlarged film gate that will capture the entire film frame so you will see 20% more of the original image. Providing you with a more accurate representation of what was originally recorded.

Icehouse Pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts converts home movies captured on older formats such as 8mm, Super 8 film, VHS , VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini-DV into digitally remastered versions on DVD. For more information on film to DVD please visit our website at:

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