Film Transfer


Most people don't realize how important it is to preserve their 8mm film. Their irreplaceable home movies usually end up in a box in one of the two most dangerous places in their home, the attic or basement. Old film that has been improperly stored for years can develop what is known as "Vinegar Syndrome". This type of decay affects the cellulose acetate of the film. Over time bacteria forms on the film and generates an acetic acid which is a key component of household vinegar. The acetic acid slowly destroys the acetate of the film and the decay produces a strong overwhelming vinegar odor, hence the name "Vinegar Syndrome".

A strong pungent vinegar odor is a clear indication that the chemicals in the film have started to break down. Shrinking and curling of the film are typically early warning signs of the presence of decay. The effects of this condition are ireversible and the deterioration will continue to progress to a point where the film becomes completely unwatchable.

Once you start to notice that your 8mm film has a vinegar smell to it than the deterioration process has already begun, which means you have only a limited time to transfer your 8mm film to a more permanent medium or your priceless memories will be lost forever. So act now before it's too late. Save your precious films from ruin and let the professionals at Icehouse Pictures transfer your 8mm film today.

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