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8mm films

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Most customers assume that a High Definition Transfer for their 8mm and Super 8 film is overkill.

The truth is that the resolution of film is only limited by the film grain size and the size of the frame. 8mm and Super 8 film have a maximum horizontal resolution of around 900 lines, standard definition video is limited to 480 lines. Because of this, our HD Film Scanning process (1080 lines) is the only process that can capture all the detail on your 8mm and Super 8 film. This is the same transfer process used by major film studios to re-release older films in high-definition.

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For all our digital film transfers we use a frame-by-frame

Icehouse Pictures is one of only a handful of companies in the country using a frame-by-frame continuous feed MS-R8 High Definition Motion Picture Film Scanner. This is the same equipment used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives and the USC Hugh Hefner Film Archives.

The scanner incorporates a high resolution pick-up that slowly scans each individual film frame in full 24-bit color. It features solid state registration which produces a steady, flicker-free picture accurate within one pixel. The roller based transport system handles the film by the edges for maximum film safety, and the automatic scan alignment even allows the transfer of damaged film with shrinkage and broken sprocket holes. The enlarged film gate captures the entire film frame so you will see 20% more of the original image, providing you with a more accurate representation of what was originally recorded. It features a cool LED light source that protects the film from burning or warpage and provides rich, vibrant colors and uniform brightness across each frame.

Filcker-free high definition digital motion picture film scanning

Enlarged film gate captures the entire film frame so you will see 20% more of the original image

Scene by scene color correction and image enhancement in post production editing

Our film scanners LED lighting runs cool and protects film during capture


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