Video to Digital


Home movies recorded with an analog camera on Hi8, Video8 and VHS degrade over time. That is why its extremely important to digitize these analog tapes to either DVD or digital media files before it's too late

Digital video is the encoding of an analog video signal in digital bits for storage and display. Unlike traditional analog video, which is captured frame by frame on a tape, digital video is recorded digitally, as ones and zeros.

Video stored in digital form has several advantages over its analog counterpart. The primary benefits are related to the longevity of digital video and the elimination of quality degradation with time. Digital video can be copied with no degradation in quality, each successive duplication maintains the same quality as the original.

However, the method used to capture a digital stream from analog is the most critical portion. Once a videotape is converted to digital format, future migration of that file depends heavily on the original quality of that file captured. That is why at Icehouse Pictures we use only high-end broadcast quality capture devices with external time-base correction. They provide better quality video and produce a more accurate digital representations of the original video. The image is significantly less muddy, with richer colors and more detail in the video signal. 

Icehouse Pictures in Plymouth, Massachusetts converts home movies captured on older formats such as 8mm, Super 8 film, VHS , VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, and Mini-DV into digitally remastered versions on DVD and digital media files. For more information on video to digital please visit our website at:

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