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Bring Your Memories Back to Life Again...

For every birthday, family vacation, graduation, holiday and more, you have home video footage to commemorate that event. Some of your life’s most precious moments were captured on videotape. They are irreplaceable memories of the past that you had planned to treasure forever. Unfortunately all magnetic videotape degrades in as little as ten years, causing a lifetime of memories to disappear forever.

Fortunately Icehouse Pictures can bring your memories into the digital age by converting your aging videotapes to a more permanent medium. You can choose to have them preserved onto DVD or saved as digital files on your external hard drive so they can be edited on a computer. So don’t wait any longer, let us convert your videotapes to digital format so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.


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For all our video transfers we use broadcast-quality video
equipment complete with full-frame time-base correction

The most integral part of our broadcast-quality video equipment is the time-base corrector, a device that corrects the signal and image quality of video tapes. It will reduce or eliminate picture jitter, wavering video, rolling picture and time-base errors from videotape playback and ensure a stable on-screen image through the use of dual-field full-frame reconstruction. It restores distorted vertical and horizontal sync and improves video signal quality for better, cleaner video captures.

All videotape is time-base corrected to assure optimal picture quality

Unwatchable and blank video scenes are removed

Digital color correction and exposure adjustment

e do not outsource or
off-shore work like the
national chain retail stores


video transfer formats

Please Note: HD transfers for MiniDV HD tapes with HD content only.